Worship Music

Psalm 150 tells us that everywhere, in every place, with our voices and with our instruments, we should praise the Lord. To express praise to God is part of the purpose for which we were created. And the highest use of music is to give honor to the God who created it.

On Sundays we seek to provide worship music that is:

  • Energizing – to encourage and inspire.
  • Thoughtful – to communicate core biblical truth.
  • Blended – to respect the value of classic and contemporary Christian music.
  • Participatory – to engage everyone as participants, not spectators.
  • Excellent – to assemble a worship-leading team of gifted, godly people.
  • Preparatory – to ready people to hear the message from God’s Word

We also provide opportunities for singers and musicians during Sunday worship. We are always looking for believers who want to connect with a church home and use their musical gifts for the glory of God.